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Beti Utsav celebrates the birth of girls – Welcoming the Girl Child

This is an event organized in the community ‘Celebrating the birth of the Girl Child’. From 2010 we have been welcoming the new born girls and their mothers with their families and honored them. The Doctor of that particular area’s government hospital honor these children and families. Rallies are organized, a nukkad natak is presented and parents are honored with a card and a box of sweets. Celebrating the birth of daughters brings in a new tradition with a clear message to the society to value the girl child.

Community Watch on Pre Conception Pre Natal Diagnostic Test Act (PCPNDT)

Members of the Mahila Panchayat act as community watch as the Nari Shakti Vahini who are active in their community in supporting the pregnant women who may face pressure from the family and society to give birth to a son and compel the “bahu” (daughter-in-law) to go for an ultrasound/sex selection. An interesting dialogue between, “saas and bahu vartalap” has been attempted to discuss and debate the issue, enabling women to create a non patriarchal space to assert their point of view.

Simultaneously, implementation of the PCPNDT Act is being attempted by focusing on the Appropriate Authorities to take responsibility to stop sex selective abortions and enforce the ban on sex detection in ultrasound clinics. Inspite of the awareness generated over the last decade and soft interventions of the state like the Ladli Scheme to give incentives to families to value their daughters, the medical community continues the misuse of ultrasound technology with impunity.

SAARC Day of the Girl Child on December 8th

Action India mobilized more than 1400 adolescent girls and boys of the communities in Delhi to listen to speakers Kamla Bhasin and Rashmi Singh and view an exhibition of oil painting on the Girl Child by artist Anjali Sinha.

Think Tank on August 31st, 2012

A high level advocacy, dialogue Civil society collaboration with Delhi PC&PNDT Cell. Implementation of the Pre-conception & Pre-natal Diagnostic Testing Act.



The growing incidence of violence and sexual harassment on roads, markets and malls against women and girls needs an adherence now. This campaign in collaboration with Safe City is the beginning of a new partnership.

The most unsafe areas are mapped and frequency of harassment reduced. This leads to women and girls feeling safe and moving around without fear. A non-violent methodology has worked successfully to curb gender based violence in the South Delhi colony Sanjay Camp. We aim to move step by step to all the areas beginning with Bhalaswa in the North-west to mark the unsafe areas and inform the concerned stakeholders and create a violence free safe environment for girls and women.

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