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It was this thought that prompted Sharda Devi to start a small effort in 1995, for providing a good diet to needy T.B. patients. We provide T.B. patients with a monthly diet worth Rs 500/-per month, consisting of milk, eggs, fruit, bread and meat. The workers of Sabla Sangh give this to patients at the community centre in the bastee. This is done on a purely voluntary basis. The expenses are met through small contributions made by concerned people, ? men and women have been restored back to health.

Sharda Devi has retired but we continue to work for this cause. Every staff member contributes voluntarily for this cause. We would be very happy to accept the smallest Nutrition to T.B. Patients contributions addressed to Action India.

Send us a D.D. or Cross Cheque in favor of Action India


Objective: This program was started to provide financial assistance to girls, who are not able to complete their education because of the weak status of their family financially. The main motive behind this program is to make these girls independent and live their dream of being educated.

Selection process: A well thought of process has been developed for the selection of these girls. The first step in the process is that the youth worker in a particular area shortlist the names of girls who needs the scholarship and a proposal is submitted with the organization.

The next step in the process is the executive committee members look into the case of each girl and decide the names. The last step in the process is a one on one interaction takes place between the family of the shortlisted girls and the members of the committee. The importance of this interaction is that it gives an insight of the family and its situation. We also, look into the seriousness for education as we believe that a positive mindset of the family is required to pursue good education.

Types of Scholarship and Period: There are two types of scholarships
1. Tuition fee for 5 months ( Oct- Feb)
2. Admission fee once a year

Scholarship 2011-12: In the year 2011-12 66 girls were awarded scholarship. 48 girls passed their exams. 15 has their result awaited and 3 girls failed their exam.

5 girls from our scholarship program have started job and 4 more girls have joined our child sponsorship program as teacher.

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