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Our Philosophy

Evolving feminist perspectives with grassroots women for 40 years.

Action India founded in 1976, has taken many big and small path breaking initiatives by grassroots women, which clearly indicates the strong potential in women to become change agents in the process of social transformation. Action India sustains a balance between community based work and the universal struggle for women’s rights. While protesting against wrongs, Action India simultaneously creates alternative modes of self-help, self-esteem and self-assertion.

Our Journey

The founding members of Action India envisioned an equitable society governed by democratic institutions. Democracy in its true sense includes peoples participation. Planning bottom up and continued vigilance on civil and political rights. In the early 80s the women’s movement in India emerged to address patriarchy, demand equal rights for men and women, girls and boys in the family, society and the state.

Working in urban slums and low income resettlement colonies Action India took steps to counter coercive family planning policies and practices of targeted population control with “informed choice”. Grassroots women learnt about gaining control over their body and fertility awareness. Reproductive rights laid the foundation of women’s Health and Nutrition demanding safe contraception and safe abortion.

Our Vision

A Gender Just Egalitarian Society

Our Mission

Empowering Women to Achieve Equality and Equity and the Right to Live with Dignity and Self-esteem.

We Work to

  • Eliminate Discrimination
  • Facilitate access to education and health care.
  • Enhance access to livelihood and economic rights.
  • Enable participation in governance and development.

We Believe

Women’s Rights are Human Rights.

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